Posted by: maddiejoan | October 20, 2007


You’ve seen Second Life on television, you’ve heard about it’s insidious underworld of bizarre avatars and steamy illicit sexual venues. Now Tabloid Planet has decided to begin an investigative journey through this virtual world of lust, sex and greed.  We at Tabloid Planet will be setting up our offices in the quaint little franco-germanic city of Neualtenburg. Kaiserin Kendra Bancroft, seemingly a huge fan of the now defunct Weekly World News, has generously agreed to let us renovate the old Tanzhaus on the townsquare. We promise you, our dear readers, a full and thorough investigation into exactly what happens in this pixelated Sodom and Gommorah! As always we’ll keep you apprised of “All the news THEY don’t want you to know”.103051.jpg

The Charming City of Neualtenburg. Our new home.


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