Posted by: maddiejoan | November 12, 2007

CNN enters the virtual world of Second Life

 cnn-large.gif      First it was Tabloid Planet™ and now, CNN joins the virtual World of Second Life! But, dear readers –what will you get with CNN? That’s right. More of the same corporate fascist drivel you’ve come to expect from them. Tabloid Planet™ is even now working on a story –so sensational in scope –so in your face –so much what the Powers That Be don’t want you to know, that even now, I, Maddie Joan Blaustein –must look over my supple shoulders as I type this blog entry. Don’t rely on CNN, my friends. Come to Tabloid Planet™ !    We tell you “all the news THEY don’t want you to know” 

Posted by: maddiejoan | October 20, 2007


You’ve seen Second Life on television, you’ve heard about it’s insidious underworld of bizarre avatars and steamy illicit sexual venues. Now Tabloid Planet has decided to begin an investigative journey through this virtual world of lust, sex and greed.  We at Tabloid Planet will be setting up our offices in the quaint little franco-germanic city of Neualtenburg. Kaiserin Kendra Bancroft, seemingly a huge fan of the now defunct Weekly World News, has generously agreed to let us renovate the old Tanzhaus on the townsquare. We promise you, our dear readers, a full and thorough investigation into exactly what happens in this pixelated Sodom and Gommorah! As always we’ll keep you apprised of “All the news THEY don’t want you to know”.103051.jpg

The Charming City of Neualtenburg. Our new home.

Posted by: maddiejoan | October 18, 2007

Soooooooo! What next for Maddie Joan?

img011.jpgBeen one kick in the arse year for me –starting last year with the abrupt firing of the original cast of Pokemon (I played Meowth for 8 years) –to the untimely demise of Weekly World News. So what now? What’s in store for everybody’s favorite leftwing jewish Brooklyn transexual? How do I build “Tabloid Planet™” into the unstoppable juggernaut of web 2.0 publishing ithat it’s aching to be!? Any suggestions? Is anyone even reading this? How can I get more people to read? Help a sistah out!I’m on  very short waiting list to becoming America’s next Pop Idol! You, dear reader can get in on the ground floor! Pretty please with sugar on it? 

Posted by: maddiejoan | October 13, 2007

Welcome To Tabloid Planet!


With WEEKLY WORLD NEWS gone and done, what will become of it’s former Creative Director? A Blog, of course. And so mere days after my 14th 33rd birthday, I begin, what I hope to be,  a fun and fascinating journey into the life, loves and bizarre stories of Brooklyn’s most famous middle-aged transexual jewess. That is to say –Moi!


Will I stick with the program, blog faithfully and provide you, my dear reader, with sensational stories and  photoshopped buffonery? Only time will tell!  But subscribe to the TABLOID PLANET! Together we shall see what awaits.  


ciao for now, 


Maddie Joan Blaustein